All you need to know about tattoo

A: as Art

A tattoo is not just any image. It is an individual artwork that will accompany you the rest of your life.
So always check before starting, some previous works of the Tattoo Artist and make sure he knows what he does.

D: as Design

As every final decision, also think thoroughly about this step. Just because a tattoo is fashionable and cool today and looks cool to your buddies, maybe it might soon seem embarrassing or boring to you. We have qualified staff to advise, help you choose and / or design your tattoo. But, obviously the final decision must be yours.

B: as Body

You decide about your body and no other person. Only when your decision is firm,  we can start looking for a unique Tattoo design for you, that underlines your personality.

C: as Choices

Leave your thoughts free and tell us your creative basic ideas, because (almost) everything is possible.
If you need inspiration, we have a very large collection of designs and images of all kind of styles. Of course you can also bring your own design if you already have a clear idea, or tell us what you imagine. We will draw it on paper and transfer it from there to your skin.

E: as Excellence

Be patient – find the right Artist. Take the time to learn how the tattoo studio works. If you feel insecure about the standards, with a not convincing consultation, then look for alternatives – of course check also TNT Tattoo Marbella smiley

F: as Finances

A good tattoo is not cheap, but an expensive tattoo doesn´t mean automatically that it is a premium tattoo.  A tattoo is a unique investment in your appearance, which you should be happy with, the rest of your life. If you're short of money we recommend you to be patient and to save it, so that you can get one day 100% of the desired design.
If we are talking about a larger tattoo, with us, you can pay step by step by sessions.

G: as Get Sleep!

It is paramount to have the night for Tattooing a good sleep and come with full energy,
obviously it is also important to have eaten healthy and normal before the session.

H: as How

First step is to prepare the desired design and define the exact position on your body it will go. Once made, a replica is placed on the skin to see that it is exactly on the correct position and size.  Depending on the design, we work often drawing with a marker pen directly on the skin instead of using a carbon copy.  This way is called "free hand".

I: as Information

Don´t hurry or enter in the first tattoo shop you see and let yourself make any tattoo. If you act this way, you will regret it. Take your time and inform yourself as much as possible through a serious and responsible Tattoo professional.

J: as Junk

Congratulations, if you have a mate who has absolved an intensive course of 1 month and offers you now a free tattoo with his Chinese Tattoo Tools! Do not forget to save money for afterwards – for the Tattoo Cover or tattoo Laser Removal. A good tattoo artist is an experimented professional and not an improvised amateur. TNT Marbella Tattoo helps you of course in cases of Junk work. See our Cover Gallery.

K: as Know your Style

When choosing a design for a tattoo you should thoroughly study what style best suits your personality. Try not to let you influence through the opinions of your friends or orient yourself on short term fashions. It´s your body and your personality.

L: as Love

The love life is your business, but you can be sure that a tattoo lasts longer than any romantic relationship. Therefore we recommend that if you are 100% sure you want to tattoo the name of your girl or boyfriend, you consider to make it that way that it could be covered easily – if its gets relevant in some future.

W: as Why

Before start tattooing, think thoroughly why you want it? Is it trendy now? Have you been convinced by a colleague only? Did you loose a bet? Or just don´t want to hesitate in front of your friends?
Then think one more time about it!

M: as Marks

If you want to make a symbolic tattoo, such as a Chinese character, or write in Arabic we recommend that you make sure it is correct.

N: as Standards

A good tattoo artist with experience knows all the rules of the tattoo world, so you should take his advice seriously when he suggests about colors, sizes or what body part would be proper for your tattoo.

O: as Ooops

Do you already have a tattoo that is a mess or that you simply do not like anymore? Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to cover it with another tattoo, also called "cover up" (see some TNT Tattoo Cover examples in our Gallery on the website under "cover up"). We also have the latest technology for laser tattoo removal without leaving any marks or scars. Beware of tattoo removal techniques with acids and without Laser, they are dangerous for your health!

P: as Pain

The sensation of pain depends on the person. What is true, is that near the bone it is more sensible than when tattooed by an area with enough fat or muscle. The most important thing is to be relaxed and take it easy because 80% pain remains psychological, no matter where in the body you get your tattoo.

Q: as Questions

Websites, books and other material will not always answer all your questions. We have professional staff in our nice Tattoo and Piercing Studio in Marbella. who will be happy to advise and answer any questions you have.

R: as Review

Depending on the body part that you have get tattooed, sometimes we have to give a slight rework (repasar) that is included in the initial tattoo price. This only if it was cured by you as indicated. Please do not forget that the Tattoo Artist can easily see if your tattoo is poor of ink due to not keeping the indicated healing methods or when it is simply a body-part where the skin is constantly stretching and working (elbow, knee, wrist, etc ..).

S: as Sterile

You have every right in the world to tell your Artist to show his sterile tattoo tools and that he opens the one way needle package  in front of you. To use sterilized material is important to prevent possible infections.
The general hygiene of the studio is important too! Never let you make a tattoo if you feel the salon is not extremely clean and hygienic.

T: as Taking

Once the tattoo artist has satisfactory finished, his job is done and the tattoo then becomes your responsibility. To avoid bad results, follow in detail  the given healing advice.

U: as Unique

Don´t be a copycat! You can bring a photo of a tattoo taken from the Internet to tell us your ideas, but we do not execute exactly that design. We want to be original and provide all customers "our touch of class".

V: as Variety

We have a variety of designs, but that doesn´t mean that you can´t bring your own drawing. However, if the Tattoo Artist recommends certain changes in drawing, designing or size-expand, etc. it should be considered. Paper and pencil is not the same as skin and ink, and the effect could be different.

X: as ‘Xamine your options

If you've read everything, have thought and are still wanting to get a tattoo: Congratulations!
This is Your place ! We will be proud to do an artwork, of which you'll brighten the rest of your life.
See you soon, we will be happy to assist you!
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